I have been called a "shopping sleuth extraordinaire", and have a great nose for discovering lesser known products, services, and stores, which guarantees that the gift suggestions I find for you are also a little out of the ordinary.

"Finding stuff" has been an unofficial yet key component of my job description throughout my entire career.

In my 17 years of working as an independent translator and editor, specializing in fashion, food, travel, books, and lifestyle, there wasn't a day that went by without my having to research new topics and dig up information to get the job done.

As senior editor and writer for the style website



YouLookFab I've helped scores of readers over the last 6 years find clothing and accessories they had a hard time tracking down on their own.

Researching every available option out there (so you don't have to), and coming up with something that hits exactly the right spot is the one thing I never tire of.

This in combination with a detail-oriented mind, good intuition, years of honing my sleuthing skills, constantly keeping up-to-date with international trends, and visiting stores and fairs year-round to keep abreast of what's out there, is what enables me to find gifts for you that will evoke a "Wow, how on earth did you think of that!" reaction.

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I live in Antwerp, and am a lucky duck because Belgium's central location makes it the perfect base for exploring most European cities. For a city gal like myself, nothing beats a day of wandering around town, visiting favourite haunts, taking delight in discovering what's around every new corner, doing a spot of shopping, and getting a taste of the local cuisine and culture. Yet, at the same time, this pearl-loving stripes aficionado also dreams of living in a modernist home with seaside views, surrounded by lovely people and loads of books. Oh, and a dog to snuggle with.


Ever wish you could just hire someone else to come up with unique gift ideas for you?

Taking the time and making the effort to select a gift that puts a spring in people's step shows your family and friends that you care. And you do! But what if picking wonderful gifts isn't your strong suit, or you just don't have the time to sort through a ton of options?

That's where I can help! Find out more: