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Business Gifts Made Easy

your business isn't a dime a dozen. the gifts you give shouldn't be either!

The perfect gift goes a long way to meaningfully move any business relationship forward. And the return on investment is significant: giving a gift is a small gesture, but can have big returns — like continued work and new business. Whether you're a solo entrepreneur with a tiny budget or you're running a large, well-resourced company, you can't afford to not think about business gifts.

Finding the right business gift that says exactly what you want to say is more than checking something off your to-do list. Business gifts are a particularly efficient tool to express appreciation, stand out from the competition, create goodwill and long-lasting relationships, retain existing customers and attract new clients.

A unique gift that builds genuine connection doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg either. You can stand out and be noticed with a quality present at any budget.



But what if picking wonderful gifts with that all-important personal touch isn't your strong suit? Or you or your team just don't have the time to sort through a ton of options?


That's exactly what business gifts made easy is for!




Let me take this off your plate and make you look like a business hero

Imagine how much time you'll save by letting me figure out the gifts for you, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that every single gift is infused with your own personal touch. I’ll help you stand out and tell your recipient loud and clear that you genuinely value their business relationship. 



This is how it works


step 1

Fill out the questionnaire

You tell me your budget and the dates of your special occasions, and you’ll receive an à la carte proposal within 3 business days


step 2

The gift selection is done for you

I hand-pick 3 gift options for each person or occasion you are buying for. All suggestions are fully personalized to suit your recipient to a T.


step 3

Gift suggestions in your inbox

You receive your gift suggestions well in time before each special occasion. All you need to do is decide which ones you like best and simply place your online order.

Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed. From now on every business gift will be memorable and have that warm personal touch that both strengthens relationships and helps you move your business forward.


what customers say

Carole Ann Penney - Strategic Career Coach & Organizational Consultant

"Inge helped me find the perfect gift for my clients to celebrate the culmination of our work together. She presented me with a variety of professional and creative options in a format that made it easy for me to move forward quickly and simply.

When my clients received their gifts, they were touched by how personal and meaningful they were. I'm so pleased that I have a tailored gift up my sleeve that represents my brand—I know it will help me to cultivate client relationships and build my business through authentic referrals."


Hi I'm Inge Geleyn!

I’ve been called a “shopping sleuth extraordinaire” and have a great nose for discovering lesser known products, services, and stores, which guarantees that the gift suggestions I find for you are also a little out of the ordinary.

“Finding stuff” has been an unofficial yet key component of my job description throughout my entire career. In my 17 years of working as an independent translator and editor, specializing in fashion, food, travel, books, and lifestyle, there wasn’t a day that went by without my having to research new topics and dig up information to get the job done. As senior editor and writer for the style website YouLookFab I’ve helped scores of readers over the last 6 years find clothing and accessories they had a hard time tracking down on their own.

All you need to do is let me know who you are buying for, fill out the short questionnaire, and you are well on your way to being a business gift hero.


I'm here to HELP YOU FIND...

  • Creative welcome gifts and/or wrap-up gifts
  • Heart-warming thank-you gifts for all occasions
  • Original holiday gifts for clients and business associates
  • Holiday gifts tailored to each member of your team or personalized holiday gifts for each employee
  • Non-cliché gift bag items for events, retreats, congresses...
  • Thoughtful birthday and anniversary presents


  • Meaningful retirement or going-away gifts
  • Hurrah gifts to celebrate a new contract or important accomplishment
  • Presents with your personal touch to make international visitors feel at home
  • Gifts to round off a company or office tour that won't end up in the trash
  • Presents for any other occasion that calls for a celebration or needs to be handled with thoughtful intention

Angie Cox - You Look Fab

"Inge provides tailor-made and truly thoughtful gift ideas for any budget. If you're battling to find a fabulous gift for someone, or simply need more ideas, give it a try. I think of myself as a pretty good gift giver, yet Inge suggested items I wouldn't have come up with on my own. Fun, practical, and delightful."


Carolyn A.

"These ideas are great! I've got goosebumps and can't wait to get shopping.

Wilfried Op 't Eynde - Brepols

"One of our editors was retiring, and I wanted to express my personal appreciation with a special present. J. is a book lover, and a passionate gardener who specializes in growing ancient fruit trees. He was planning lots of outings after his retirement, wanting to show his only grandchild the world. ‘A gift voucher’ was the best I could come up with - rather unimaginative.

Inge totally surprised us by suggesting a recently published book featuring the 100 most remarkable trees in Belgium, with lots of info about walking and cycling routes to visit them: J.'s two passions combined in one precious gift. In the 12 years we'd been working together, I’d never seen him so genuinely delighted. Thanks Inge for a priceless moment!"