Valentine's Day Greeting Cards

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Even though I enjoy e-books and the convenience of an e-reader, I will never ever stop loving actual paper books. I feel the same way about greeting cards. It happens much less often than say ten years ago, but when I receive a handwritten, beautifully designed card, it makes my day.

The thoughtfulness that went into picking a card the sender knew I would love. The time they took to write a sweet message. Displaying it in my office or living room, and smiling each time I look at it... Greeting cards are still a lovely way to show people you are thinking of them, to make them feel special.

And of course Valentine's Day is one of those days when you want to make a little extra effort to show your significant other how much they mean to you. Sending them a Valentine's Day greeting card with a meaningful-for-the-two-of-you message is a great start.

If you need help finding the right card, here's some inspiration: