Carole Ann Found the Perfect Gift for Her Clients. You Can Too!

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"Inge helped me find the perfect gift for my clients to celebrate the culmination of our work together. She presented me with a variety of professional and creative options in a format that made it easy for me to move forward quickly and simply."

I recently worked with the wonderful Carole Ann Penney, a strategic career coach and organizational consultant. Today, Iā€™m sharing a bit of the behind-the-scenes process to give you an idea of what working together can look like.

Carole Ann wanted to find a gift for her clients who were wrapping up their sessions. She works with them one on one over a period of a couple of months ā€” the work is personal and in-depth, and she wanted a gift that would reflect the nature of their partnership and the results that clients walk away with.

She also wanted to the gift to:

  • be unexpected

  • mark/celebrate their journey together

  • show she was listening / reinforce their connection

  • help her clients stay grounded in their deep self-knowledge

  • be easy to pack and ship

  • be professionally-oriented (notebook, something for their desk)

With each of her clients Carole Ann develops a mission statement and chooses values that can help guide them in all that they do. So I decided to look for high-quality items that could be customized to have those values or mission printed on them. Items that last a long time (no use in giving something that will be put aside after a week or so) and that are used regularly, so that the gift, the message it symbolizes, and her clients' key words continue to stay top of mind.

My suggestions included a hand-made journal with an artistic crafts vibe in beautiful saturated colours, with her clients' values printed on the beautiful bookcloth cover, and a one-of-a-kind vintage art print combining a botanical print with deluxe typography, customizable with her clients' key words.

The "winner" was a luxe brass photo and a custom print of each client's mission and values. Having the print displayed in this way reminds them of who they are and what they stand for every day. A creative way to help her clients stay focussed on their goals, plans and hopes.

"When my clients received their gifts, they were touched by how personal and meaningful they were; they really felt heard. One client teared up because it was so powerful to see his professional identity reflected back to him in such a beautiful and strong format. Others used them to decorate their desks at new jobs they had landed through our work together. Hooray!

I'm so pleased to have a tailored gift up my sleeve that represents my brand, and my sincere feelings of pride and awe towards each and every one of my clients. I know it will help me to cultivate client relationships and build my business through authentic referrals."

Carole Ann found the perfect gift for her clients, and you can too. Just remember that "perfect for your recipient" means something different for every single one of us. After all, all our businesses are different, and every single person we work with is too.

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