Why a Gigantic Easter Egg Was a Spot-On Gift (For Me) - Part I

What Constitutes a Perfect Gift.png

Many years ago my aunt surprised me with this gigantic Easter egg. (Ignore the poor photo quality, this is an analogue picture from way back when;-) I LOOOOVED it!!! It’s no secret that I was born with the chocolate-loving gene, so this won’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows me.

Why a Gigantic Easter Egg Was a Spot-On Gift.jpg

To this day, I still think about it regularly (hint 1), and not only around Easter(hint 2). Every time it makes me grin from ear to ear. I mean, just look at that edible work of art!

Now that I’m in the gift giving business myself and constantly think about what exactly makes a present a great present, I realize that for me - and I stress the for me part here - this was a spot-on gift. And not just for the obvious reason that I love chocolate. If you take into account a few key things, you can go from ho-hum gifts to memorable presents that your family and friends will truly appreciate (and make them smile). My giant egg is an excellent example of that.

Curious to hear more? In my next post I’ll share my tips on what you might like to consider if you want to be a more thoughtful gift giver.