Two Things You'd Expect a Gift Expert to Be Good At (But I'm NOT)

Two Things You Would Expect a Gift Expert to Be Good At

I know a lot of people say that, but there's bad and then there's atrocious. I sadly fall into that second category. I don't know how many times my late Papa said to me "thank you for your sweet card, we know it was from you because we couldn't read a single word." And every year when I go visit my Aunt Maria after the holidays she invariably asks "now what did it say on your Christmas card, Inge, I still haven't deciphered it." Sigh, it's downright embarrassing.

I love how adding a handwritten card to your presents provides that extra personal touch. I also like to send "just thinking of you" and thank you cards throughout the year. But I do worry that the sentiment gets lost when people can barely decipher my writing...

After 41 years of trying very hard to write more neatly, I've come to accept that my penmanship will probably never improve. But just so you know: if you ever get an illegible card, it might be from me.

Just like I admire elegant handwriting, I longingly look at all those artfully wrapped presents in shop windows and under other people's Christmas trees. I can't explain it, but somehow my gifts always end up with the wrapping paper on a tad wonky, or a piece of tape sticking out where it shouldn't. Oh, and I couldn't tie a beautiful bow if my life depended on it!

Thankfully most stores offer gift wrapping services these days, so I can enlist their help when I need my presents to look expertly wrapped. As to my family and friends, I adore them for not laughing too hard when I turn up, yet again, with presents "with that special Inge touch.”

I can't help you with beautiful handwriting, but if you need gift wrapping inspiration, then hop on over to my Wrap That Gift pinboard, where I've collected ideas for you.

In the meantime, do tell if you are bad at something people assume you excel at because the line of work you're in. You know I'll understand ;-)