Angie Cox -

"Inge provides tailor-made and truly thoughtful gift ideas for any budget. If you're battling to find a fabulous gift for someone, or simply need more ideas, give it a try. I think of myself as a pretty good gift giver, yet Inge suggested items I wouldn't have come up with on my own. Fun, practical, and delightful."


Carolyn A.

“These ideas are great! I've got goosebumps and can't wait to get shopping.”


Amy S.

"I'm thrilled with your suggestions and just completed my holiday shopping in about 1 hour, thank you! All of your suggestions were great ideas that I would not have thought of on my own. I'm impressed with how well you profiled the recipient with relatively little information. Well done. I would have purchased more if I didn't already have a few gifts purchased. Next year I'm starting with you."


Laura M.

"Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions! It was hard to pick just one in many cases!”


Vicki Z.

"I am so grateful to Thoughtful Gesture for their uncanny vision and extraordinary service for our busy lives. I was seeking some professional buying assistance when I discovered Inge. The world rushes along and overflows with so much online information and I didn’t have the time. On numerous occasions, Inge has assisted me in finding the perfect item for the right person as well as for myself. What seemed elusive to me in my own searches was quickly found by Thoughtful Gesture.

You won’t be disappointed with this refined, civilized, elegant and practical way to 'shop' as you save time in your life."


Wilfried O.

"One of our editors was retiring, and I wanted to express my personal appreciation with a special present. J. is a book lover, and a passionate gardener who specializes in growing ancient fruit trees. He was planning lots of outings after his retirement, wanting to show his only grandchild the world. ‘A gift voucher’ was the best I could come up with - rather unsatisfying.

Inge totally surprised us by suggesting a recently published book featuring the 100 most remarkable trees in Belgium, with lots of info about walking and cycling routes to visit them: J.'s two personal passions combined in one precious gift. In the 12 years we'd been working together, I’d never seen him so genuinely delighted. Thanks Inge for a priceless moment!"