Milestones Made Easy for 3

Milestones Made Easy for 3


A done-for-you gift idea service that keeps track of your important dates for you and sends you thoughtful gift suggestions for each occasion, so that you can feel confident your gifts will be both special and on time.

You get three hand-picked, thoughtful gift ideas for 3 people or 3 occasions delivered straight to your inbox.* Each suggestion is fully personalized to suit your recipient(s) to a T, and all are within your set budget, of course.

You'll also get:

  • The link to the best place to buy from

  • The date you need to order it by to get it in time for your special occasion

  • A greeting card and wrapping paper suggestion


* Please note that I can only get started on your order after you have filled out and sent back the Milestones Made Easy questionnaire to provide info about the people you are buying gifts for (link will be sent via separate email). You will receive your customized gift suggestions 10 business days before each special occasion. This service does not include the gifts themselves.


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